Smart online forms

Our online forms will allow your customers to send requests, receive information, or perform certain actions through our websites. The forms are smart, responsive, and allow you to select logical actions based on the information the user sends or information you have in our database.

The forms are designed not only for your customers but also for you and your staff. You can create forms to access any data you keep in your db, modify the information, or create new records. These forms can later be used in a web app as a CRM which will be used to manage your organization. Each of your employees will be able to access our website and use it to operate in an innovative digital manner.

The forms can be in one of six languages: Hebrew, English, Arabic, Russian, French or Spanish. These forms can be built online on our website. The form itself will be available on our website, but we can make it look like it is part of your website.

The information displayed to the user can come from your databases or you can keep the information on our servers, and it will be backed up and always available. You can also download your activity and data in three ways: Excel, PDF, and Text. Our interface will allow you to view all records and send emails about information sent, you can modify and correct the information, or send the customer a request for additional information or request corrections to the form.

You can build the forms yourself or we will build them for you at low cost. In addition to the initial cost of each form, you will only pay a few agorot for each use of the form and for saving the information in our database if you decide to use our database.

We also offer Payment Pages and you can read about them here.

General questions and explanations about online forms you will find here

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Monthly Plan Standard Plus Pro
Google analytics
Use your database
Custom repsponse letters
Customer service Email only Email & phone Email & phone
Allowed languages 2 4 6
One time fee per form $70 $70 $70
One-time fee for creating a form by us $140 $140 $140
Number of free records per month 5000 8000 15000
Cost per record beyond the quota $0.09 $0.06 $0.05
Staff accounts 6 12 Unlimited

We offer additional services you may need. To view the additional service and their costs please go here.

We also offer donation pages and special prices for non profit organizations. here.