Fundraising Services

Rosalind provides fundraising services to nonprofits and social organizations that require these services. Our telemarketing unit makes phone calls to households in Israel and the US and raises funds from potential donors. The company does not work with any organization that asks us to help!

We understand that fundraising has to be customized and it produces the right results if it is preceded by good research work about the organization we are trying to help.

Understanding your goals and the public you are trying to help is very important to us because without this understanding we will not be able to explain to the potential donors how their contribution will advance you.

You must understand that some of the public will not be interested in helping an organization whose goals are contrary to its personal principles. When we look at the possibility of raising funds for you, we will also need to check whether your goals will interest the public.

We will need to use certain features of yours that will appeal to the public and interest it, because only then potential donors will be willing to open their pockets and contribute to you.

In addition, you must understand that the principles and goals of some organizations simply will not be attractive enough to a particular audience even though the principles themselves are appropriate and the goals are superior. An example is a non-profit organization that aims to promote certain social laws that will not interest a potential audience in the US, while the Israeli public may be very interested in them and will contribute generously.

Therefore, you have to understand that sometimes even if the principles of the organization are appropriate and its goals are exceptionally good, we cannot work with the organization because the general public will not be willing to help it. So even if we try, we will not be able to raise enough donations to cover our expenses.

Organizations with whom we work must have a 'Good Governance' approval and preferably if they have 'Section 46' approval. The organization's donation page must be our donation page. We charge fees only after the organization receives enough contributions to cover our expenses.

In general, if our expenses exceed 33% of the donations we raised, we will have to talk to you and get approval before we continue, if we continue to raise funds for you.

Here is the list of costs we charge for our services:

Description Setup Monthly
Fundraising Services ₪ 200 ₪ 140
Fee for telemarketing hours ₪ 50
Cost per donation % 10.00

When you sign up for this service, we do not charge you fees until we bring you enough donations to pay the registration fee. If we do not bring you donations, you will not be charged any commissions. To rgister for the service click here. If you have not already registered to our website you must register first and then register for the service.