Database Services

Databases are a fact of life for most of the SMBs. Everyone uses them to store their business information. So why store the database in the cloud? Your business grows and so does your database. This storage in the cloud allows it to grow dynamically. If security is a concern, our services allow you to store your data encrypted.

But most importantly, storing your data with us gives you the ability to create online forms and web applications that interact with your database through our website. You do not have to be a programmer to create online forms and web applications that interact with the database.

If you are not a programmer, and you do not want to hire expensive employees but still want to build online forms and web applications, the best solution is our services.

We store your database on our servers and your employees can create greate web applications and online forms using our online tools.

If you want to keep the database on a separate VPS (Virtual Private Server) which only you can manage, it is still fine with us. We give you a VPS that is going to be isolated server, accessible only with the use of an encrypted OpenVPN connection.

You can manage your database from our website. You can add / delete / change tables, 'Stored Procedures', 'Views' and anything else. We give you what you need, and you choose the plan.

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  • Standard

    $ 25

    per month

    Database size less than 500MB

  • Most popular


    $ 40

    per month

    The database size less than 1GB with templates

  • Pro

    $ 80

    per month

    Unlimited database size, with views and templates

Monthly Plan Standard Plus Pro
Database size < 500MB < 1GB Unlimited
Customer service Email only Email & phone Dedicated expert
Concurrent users 1 2 5
Staff accounts 6 12 Unlimited

Database-related costs

Designing a database tailored to the needs of the client with mapping
We will design and build a data base for your needs, and we will map the fields in order for you to perform direct actions on the database from the forms.
Mapping an existing database
We will take your data base and map your fields so that you can take action directly on it from the forms.
Database expert hourly rate
The expert will help you build and make changes to your database to suit your needs
Upload database
Send us an SQL script and we will upload the script to your database.
SQL Server standard edition
We perform a daily backup of your database.

We offer additional services you may need. To view the additional service and their costs please go here.