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All information you upload via our website is stored in the SQL Server database. To provide you with another means to prevent disclosure or information theft, you can encrypt any field you choose when uploading data. By the way, credit card number and expiration are always kept in encrypted form. Therefore, you do not need to select an encrypted field for these fields.

We do this to prevent exposure in the unlikely event of our servers being compromised. The fields encryption is done through the encryption servers and not through our website. This means that even if the information is exposed by through hacking, the hacker will not be able to decrypt the encrypted fields because the encryption servers are at different location and use different security measures.

Note: If the information is encrypted, the encryption causes the information to grow in volume and therefore the cost of saving information will be higher. If the amount of information is low, the costs will be insignificant.

Access to our servers is encrypted and only server administrators can access your information. Our server managers undergo a strict selection and their history is carefully examined. The chances that your information will be exposed are very slim. None of the server administrators have your encryption keys, which means that none of them can decrypt the bare information in front of them.

The 'Manage pages' menu has a link to 'Upload Data to Server'. It should be used to upload Excel files with your data. You can then use the data in the forms you create. Your forms will be able to modify, add and delete the information that will be stored with us.

When uploading data to our servers, you must first upload all the basic tables that other tables depend upon. For example, if Table A contains the key to Table B, you must first upload Table B, and then Table A.

In exceptional case where you have 2 database tables that depend on one another, upload one table and when you are asked to select the field types, select the primary key of the first table. At that point you will be able to upload another file. Once the second file is uploaded you will have the tables side by side and you will be able to set the primary keys of both tables.

Only those who sign up and add a credit card can upload files over 3 MB to our site. For those of you who are just trying us, we allow upload files up to 5 MB so you can experiment and form an opinion about us. If you decide to become a customer, please add a credit card and then upload as many data as you need.

A unique key is a field that appears only once in a table. This means that each line in the table has a field with a unique value that will not appear in any other line. An example is a serial number that will never be repeated in a table. It can also be a unique text per line. Another example may be an ID number or an email address or simply text that is a combination of letters and numbers such as a vehicle number.

Not always. A database table can have a combination of fields that together constitute a key to the table. For example, you can take a list of singers with their CD's of songs. Separately, the names of the singers do not have to be unique. It is possible that two singers will have a same name. It is also possible that two singers will use the same name for their CD or even a same name to a particular song. Such information can be represented in a table whose key is the artist name, disk name, and possibly the year of publication of the disc. This way you make the key of each row unique.

A foreign key is the primary key of a table. When you upload a new table, you can mark certain fields as a foreign key. Later you can match each foreign key to a key of a table you've already uploaded, or leave the key without a match until you upload another table.

Ascending number (Identity number) is a number that is automatically incremented by the database. Ascending number is used as a key to the table. A number that does not ascend, is a number that can be used by us to store any information. If you create a customer table for example and want each customer to have a unique number, you can use an ascending number to be the unique number of each customer. If there is a need to store the number of converters we have the customer in the database, we will use a number that is not ascending for that purpose.

Yes, absolutely. This is the general idea behind databases: to keep the information in a minimal and in orderly manner. For example, it is possible to create one table for each person with his ID as a key that will include his personal details. In the second table we keep a general list of vehicles with vehicle license number as a table key. In the third table we will keep the identity card of the owner of the vehicle and the vehicle number. As a result, the third table gives us access to all car owners and the number of vehicles they own. Moreover, in this way it is possible for a vehicle to be owned by more than one owner.

'Type of' is kind of something. For example type of gender (male and female). Another example: a type of level of education (elementary school, high school, bachelor's degree, etc.). Fields that appear in forms as multiple choice or drop-down must be classified as 'Type of', otherwise you will not be able to map them correctly.

Saving information in a database requires space. For example, when you save text in Hebrew, each letter cost me 2 bytes. If, for example, I have a field where I keep my client's level of education, I need many bytes to keep this information. For example, if I choose the level of education to be elementary school, middle school, high school, bachelor's or master's degree, and I will keep the information in a database as text, I will have to use many bytes for it.

But if I choose a small number to represent each option, for example, if I choose 1 to represent elementary education, 2 for high school, 3 for middle school, etc., I need far fewer bytes for information because each small number costs only one byte. Threfore I use mapping of the option to small number and it will allow me to save the information at lower cost.

It is important that your database is stored in a way that saves space and gives you access to all data because it will save you money in the long run and will also allow you to create forms with quick access to information to manage your business. It is very important to create tables with forward thinking and it is very important that the key to each table is chosen correctly.

The art of creating the tables and mapping the fields is our work. If your database does not yet exist and you need help to create it, we will be happy to assist you. Contact our customer service and we will build a database for you which will allow you to build forms that will help you manage your business.

In order to prevent the disclosure of information because one of your accounts was not properly stored and hacked, it is not possible to download the information through our website. If you wish to receive your information in Excel files, you can do so only through our customer service. We will verify the request in a repeat call and only then will we provide the information in the form of compressed Excel files with a password given to you on the phone. There is no cost to request the information in this manner.

not exactly. When you build a poll, you can also save text fields in encrypted form, so if you want to save the results in encrypted form it is possible. Because survey results in most cases are not important and do not contain information that is dangerous to the survey season, you can download the information directly through our website in the form of Excel files.

And yet, if you want to restrict access to information provided by surveys, it is also possible. You must ask us to do so through our customer service.

A basic database table is a table that will not grow in a large number of rows over time. If the table grows, the increase will be in a small number of rows. For example, a table that contains a type of education: Elementary, Middle school, High school, and Academic. Later we decide to change Academic type to Bachelor's degree type and Master's degree type. The addition is only one line in this case.

On the other hand, an example of a table that will grow over time is a customer list table. Such a table can grow quite quickly.

To upload a file with a Yes or No column, the column must contain zero for No and 1 for yes. You can also write the words Yes and No in the column or write 'true' and 'false'. The column must contain only two types of values ​​and you can not mix words and numbers.

To upload a file with a column of gender, the column must contain 1 for male, 2 for female, and 3 for transgender. It is also possible to write the words male, female or transgender in the column. The column must have a maximum of 3 types of values and you cannot mix numbers and words.

To upload a file with a Yes or No column, the column must contain zero for No and 1 for yes. You can also write the words Yes and No in the column or write 'true' and 'false'. The column must contain only two types of values ​​and you can not mix words and numbers.

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