Our standards

Rosalind M.S.S. organization carefully screens all Nonprofits (NPO), & Sports Organizations (SO) (the organizations) that apply to join the program. We ensure our standards for participation are met before admitting an organization to our organization database. We have different standards for each of the organizations. We do our best to verify the standards, but we do not guarantee they are met.


We try to ascertain that every organization:

  1. Is registered with the registrar of charities in Israel to comply with 1980 Charity Law.
  2. Does not promote violence, hate, racial intolerance or illegal activities.
  3. Has not been identified by Israel, the United States, European Union or United Nations as involved in or supporting terrorist activities.

Sports Organizations

We try to ascertain that every organization:

  1. Is:
    • Is an organization legally registered as a non-profit organization, or sports team that is part of an NPO, engaged in sports as indicated in paragraph (3) and has at least 15 registered athletes at any time registered with the NPO or
    • Is a sports club - a group of athletes not part of an NPO and have a right to participate in competitions organized by the Sports Union in Israel subject to procedures to be determined.
  2. Its purpose is developing and promoting any sport branch in Israel, through centralized management
  3. Is under supervision of the Sports Union in Israel

We also take steps to ensure that the organization profile was created by an authorized agent of the organization and that the bank information provided to us belongs to the organization in question.

When you choose an organization to support, please read the mission statement on their About My Organization page and visit their website to understand how your gift will be used.

We reserve the right to provide or refuse to provide a license to use Rosalind websites to any organization. We also reserve the right to modify our standards and practices for (NPO), and SOs certification as we deem necessary.