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Online forms help you get information from your client. A good example of an online form is a satisfaction survey. You can create a form with questions about customer satisfaction from your service. After creating it, you can send it to your customer and receive information about your satisfaction with your service. Another good example is the forms you need to submit to the municipality in order to receive any entitlement. The municipality will create the form and the residents will go to its website, find the form and fill it out and send it through the website.

To create an online form on your site, you will need to hire a programmer to create the form on your site. Such an operation can take valuable time and cost, which in most cases is high. On the other hand you can come to our site and within a few minutes create the form. If you do not want us to enter the form information into your database, you can launch it immediately and view the results of the form when your customers fill them. All you need to do, is to come to our site, find the form and view the results. You can also add emails to which the form will be sent immediately when the form is filled out. You can also download Excel files of the results and you can also do searches on the results of the form.

We can build a database for you according to your requirements. If you have a database we will move it to our servers and if necessary, we will expand it according to your needs. We will maintain it and make daily backups. You can always get a copy of the information in the database at any time. The information from the forms will go directly to this database.

Our forms are different from those you'll find elsewhere. You can embed buttons in our forms. For example, you can add a button to search the database according to the customer's email. In the button properties, you specify what information to receive on the customer. When the search returns, you get a page with the information with three buttons: one to save the information after making changes, the other to delete from the database the customer, and another button to create a new customer. This form will let you manage the information about your customers. Of course, such a form will only be available to your team members as opposed to the forms mentioned above for your customers.




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