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Online forms help you get information from your client. A good example of an online form is a satisfaction survey. You can create a form with questions about customer satisfaction from your service. After creating it, you can send it to your customer and receive information about your satisfaction with your service. Another good example is the forms you need to submit to the municipality in order to receive any entitlement. The municipality will create the form and the residents will go to its website, find the form and fill it out and send it through the website.

To create an online form on your site, you will need to hire a programmer to create the form on your site. Such an operation can take valuable time and cost, which in most cases is high. On the other hand you can come to our site and within a few minutes create the form. If you do not want us to enter the form information into your database, you can launch it immediately and view the results of the form when your customers fill them. All you need to do, is to come to our site, find the form and view the results. You can also add emails to which the form will be sent immediately when the form is filled out. You can also download Excel files of the results and you can also do searches on the results of the form.

Our surveys are questions designed to gather information about people's experiences, preferences, desires and needs. They look different from online forms which are designed to collect information from people. An example of the form is a request to join a club or an application for some free service.

Smart forms, on the other hand, are forms linked to your database. They derive information from the database and the resulting information is stored in the database. The logic for the actions the form takes can depend also on information in the database. The smart forms look like online forms. Example for a smart form is a form to pay a fee or a form to correct information for a specific user.

When the form is created, any question or element added to the form will appear as a screen in its own right. The order of screens appears initially in the order of the questions or fields you added. You can later combine screens into one screen or split a screen containing more than one question or field. You can also add logic to the form based on the values ​​submitted, to which screen to go next. You cannot go back to the screen numbered earlier to the current screen.

Yes. Because our forms appear in the order of screens, it is possible to move from one screen to another according to logic that depends on the answers already provided. For example, if you request information from the form filler regarding the year of birth on the first screen, it may be decided, for example, that if the year of birth provided is before 1950 go to the screen with the question "When did you immigrate to Israel". If the answer was over 1950 skip to another screen.

We can build a database for you according to your requirements. If you have a database we will move it to our servers and if necessary, we will expand it according to your needs. We will maintain it and make daily backups. You can always get a copy of the information in the database at any time. The information from the forms will go directly to this database.

Our forms are different from those you'll find elsewhere. You can embed buttons in our forms. For example, you can add a button to search the database according to the customer's email. In the button properties, you specify what information to receive on the customer. When the search returns, you get a page with the information with three buttons: one to save the information after making changes, the other to delete from the database the customer, and another button to create a new customer. This form will let you manage the information about your customers. Of course, such a form will only be available to your team members as opposed to the forms mentioned above for your customers.

Such forms are also possible. One of the components that make up every page is logic. The component allows you to build a form according to the criteria you choose. The component lets you direct the search results to other forms you've previously created, and then if the result returns with information you specify, you go to a specific form. If the customer meets another criterion, you move to another form. In this way, you can produce forms that depend on the logic you set.

Definitely possible. We give you a virtual server that you choose according to the number of your team members. On the server we install a SQL Server database (full version). We put on it a website that you build with our template, and the site will be available only to you.

Our template will allow you to decide how the menu will look. The menu itself is just a reference to our online forms. The template will come with an interface to create users with certain roles. That is to say a user with a certain role can only do certain things. Another user will be able to perform other actions, and only site administrators will have access to all actions and forms. If you like, our designers will design the site for you after you have built it from our template.

You can add a header with your logo and your name to each form and survey. There is no cost adding the header. Anyone can do that. We also offer companies the option of creating a template that will look exactly like your site. This means that the top and bottom menu will look like every page on your website. Then the form you create will look like any other page on your website, even though the page address is still the URL of our site.

Creating such a template is not free. The cost is one-time and then all your online forms and surveys will look like any other page on your website. The cost of creating the template can be found on our costs page.

All prices and an accurate explanation of what they include can be found here.

The cost of each VPS depends firstly on whether you have an existing database or not. If you have a database, the initial cost is: ₪ 16000.00. If you do not have a database, the initial cost is: ₪ 18900.00. In addition, the monthly cost will be: ₪ 320.00. The monthly cost does not include the monthly cost for your monthly plan.

Yes, absolutely. You can try the VPS for two weeks and then decide. You should go to the My Pages menu and create a management page. Then create online forms that will be linked later to the management page you created. Create one or two online forms and launch them. Then go to the 'Management Page' you created and link the forms you created. The management page should then be launched. We will receive a notification when your request to launch the management page arrives and we will create the VPS for you and we will notify you by email that the VPS is ready.

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