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All General Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to catch us is via email at We also provide service by phone Phone: (074) 728-9877. We are very busy and email is the best way to get answers. We usually respond to the email within 24 hours (in most cases less than that). You can also use the Contact us page to send us messages.

No! You do not need to add a credit card for signup. We give you two weeks to try our site to build forms and see how they work. After two weeks you will be notified by email asking you to decide and if we do not hear back from you, we will delete you from our site. If you decide to stay, you'll need to add a credit card.

Your account will allow you to perform all the necessary actions needed to get our services. You will be able to add your organization contact info, logo, Google Analytics, bank account, merchent accounts, next receipt number, and define your organization email reply messages. your account You will be able to see all the payments you received, download a list of payers and payments, see some statistics, download invoices, create forms, surveys and web apps.

That depends on your membership. It can be as little as 2 languages and it can be as many as 6 languages. You can pick and choose any of the 6 languages we use. You can also add more languages in the Options page. If you are a member in our website, go to the Costs menu on top to see how many languages you can use for each membership level.

The number of staff members allowed depends on your type of membership. It can be 6 and it can be unlimited. To add, change, or delete team members, click the Team members link in the left menu. You will reach the team members page where you can add / modify / delete team members. You can also do this from the link 'Departments' on the menu where you can also assign team members to different departments.

If for any reason you would like to close your campaign, please send us an email at:

The link to the 'Financial info' page is on the menu on the left. When you click on it you would be able to enter a credit card info or download a Horaat Keva. You take the Horaat Keva to the bank. They will know how to fill it. You then take a picture of it and upload it at the same place.

Your orgnization information is in the 'Business Info' link on the left. You will be able to change organizational email, website address, phone number, fax number, and in which parts of the state you operate.

At the bottom of the left menu there is a link to your personal info. You can change your information there.

The Team Members link in the left menu will show you all your team members. You can delete any one you wish to delete except yourself. You can modify the information or/and add members.

Once you add the receipts service, you need to go to the link in the left menu that is called 'Settings'. You will see there the receipt info. You can change the next receipt number and also change/add the logo. We usually take the logo from you content if you have one, but you can always change it.

On the menu on the left there is a Messages link. Click on it and you will get to the Messages page. There you need to first create a new message. Once you do and select it, you will reach the distribution lists page. We create distribution lists for you by donation page. For example if you created a campaign page and received donations to the page, there will a distribution list for all donors to that campaign. There will be also list for all your donors. Once you select the distribution list, you could select and unselect donors by language if you wanted. You could also examine the message before sending it.


Google Analytics is a free service Google that will show you the number of visitors to any web page. Look it up in Google and you will get your free Google ID. On the left menu there is a link to 'Settings' page. You can add your Google ID there and you will able to track all visits to your page in Tormim Net website.

Yes, absolutely. Each organization should have an organization's email address so your customers can contact you through it.







The link to the bank information page are on the menu on the left. When you click on it you would be able to select the bank, branch and account number.

You will get your money every 15 days. We will either send it to you by mail with an image of the check sent by email, or we will transfer it to you to your bank account.

You get your donation money (local & US) transferred to your bank account or by check twice a month (1st and 15th). Our refund policy gives the donors 30 days to cancel. So for donations made through our website you will get your money after 30 days. Donations from Facebook take longer. Facebook gives their users 3 months to change their mind. If you add a credit card to your account, we will transfer the money at the first opportunity. Meaning, twice a month we will transfer to you the donations you received in the previous 15 days. The transfer schedule is done according to our Donation Transfer Schedule. We deduct the fees from the donations as described here.

A response letter is a personal response message sent to your end customers rather than our standard response letter that we send to each of your customers who fills out a form with personal information. Response letters are not free. They are only available to organizations with a monthly plan plus or higher.

When you are logged in, the menu at the top right will show your name. Click on it and you can change your personal information.

In the menu on the left select 'Account Management' and then at the bottom of the sub menu there is a link to change the password. Go to the link to change your password.

The menu above has a link to Login. Click on it and you will reach the login page. There you can choose the 'Forgot password' option. Fill in your email address and we will send you an email with a link to change the password.

We have 2 sites. Rosalind with whom you work and where you create the forms. If your customers use the form you created, they will come to the second site called where they will find the form. Access to is free and unlimited. If the form you created is intended for use by your team, the form will appear in the same place where you created the form.

Your customers receive a standard thank you letter for filling out the form automatically. If they provide a mobile phone number, we will also send them a message on the phone. The control over the text in the letters of thanks is at an additional cost. If you are interested in the service, you can go to the 'thank you letters' menu and add them. Your letter of thanks will be sent to them by email and to their mobile phone.

If your customers make payments through a payment page, we send them a message by email and by phone if we have their mobile number. We do not attach a receipt in the form of PDF unless you use our receipt service. The service is available for a fee. If you are interested in the service, choose the menu on the left 'Account Management' and at the bottom of the page there will be a link to the receipts. Click on it and the system will recognize that you do not have the service and offer it to you.

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