Receiving donations for charities

All questions about receiving donations

You will get your money every 15 days. We will either send it to you by mail with an image of the check sent by email, or we will transfer it to you to your bank account.

You get your donation money (local & US) transferred to your bank account or by check twice a month (1st and 15th). Our refund policy gives the donors 30 days to cancel. So for donations made through our website you will get your money after 30 days. Donations from Facebook take longer. Facebook gives their users 3 months to change their mind. If you add a credit card to your account, we will transfer the money at the first opportunity. Meaning, twice a month we will transfer to you the donations you received in the previous 15 days. The transfer schedule is done according to our Donation Transfer Schedule. We deduct the fees from the donations as described here.

We give donors 30 days to cancel their donation. If they cancel within this period, we issue them a full refund. Such donations will not appear in the list of donations you get. If the donor wants to cancel a donation that was done longer then that period and up to a year, they have to get their money back from you. A donor can enter our website and request a cancellation. The cancellation request will be sent to you and you have to issue them a refund for the amount you received from us. You are bound to issue them a refund by the Agreement you consented to when you joined our website. We do not issue refunds for the fees we charged if cancellation comes after more 30 days. This is part of the Refund policy

The only document we need from you in order to get local donations is your registration certificate. If you registered as NPO to our website we need the certificate from the registrar of charities in Israel. If you registered as sports organization, we need your registration certificate from the registrar of corporations or if you are also part of an NPO, certificate from the registrar of charities in Israel. If you already registered and have an account with us, then we have your registration certificate.
To get donations from US you need a Malkar certificate from VAT and Nihul Takin from Mas Hachnasa. If you are an organization that is less than 2 years in existence you need to send us email to and we will give you a waiver.
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Yes. The statistics page is avaialble in the left menu. It will show you stats about donations by default. But if you look at the top, there is a dropdown that allows you to switch for Donors. Select it, and click Display.


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