Online surveys

Our online surveys will allow you to quickly create surveys that you can send to your customers and receive comments on any topic you choose. The surveys will be smart, responsive and allow you to choose the following question based on the answers your customer gave you in the previous questions.

You can quickly search the survey results even if you have millions of submissions. You can check how many people answered one question in one form or another. In addition, we will always show you statistics of the survey results at any given moment without waiting. The technology we use as a behind-the-scenes engine is unique and innovative. We also use Google Angular technology to give the user the best feeling of taking the survey.

The surveys can be in one of six languages: Hebrew, English, Arabic, Russian, French or Spanish. These surveys can be built on our website. The survey itself will be available on our website, but we can make it look like it is part of your website.

In many surveys, you will sometimes want to ask questions with a long answer such as: 'Tell us about problems you are having with our service. The survey creator will in most cases avoid such questions because in order to analyze the answer, some people will need to read and analyze the answers.

Here we can help by analyzing the answers using a new technology that can come back to you and tell you in detail what exactly were the problems the user encountered in this case. The analysis comes with a cost. You can find the link below to the costs page and where you can find the cost of the service.

The information will be on our servers and it will be backed up in the cloud and always available. You can also download the activity and data in the form of an Excel file. Our interface will allow you to send surveys to lists of recipients. You can change and correct the information, and send the customer unique response letters.

The information from your surveys is only yours. You can also encrypt answers in our database so that even in the unlikely event that the information is revealed, it will be encrypted and the intruder will not be able to do anything with the information.

You will build the surveys or we will build them for you at a low cost. Apart from the initial cost of each survey, you will only pay a pennies for each survey usage above the number of submissions allowed per month.

General questions and explanations about online forms you will find here. Try us free for two weeks. No credit card required.

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  • Standard

    ILS 100

    per month

    Two languages, 10,000 submissions per month.

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    ILS 250

    per month

    Four languages, receiving payments, 100,000 submissions per month.

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    ILS 500

    per month

    Six languages, receiving payments, 250,000 submissions per month.

Monthly Plan Standard Plus Pro
Google analytics
Use your database
Personal repsponse letters
Customer service Email only Email & phone Email & phone
Allowed languages 2 4 6
One-time fee per form ILS 250 ILS 250 ILS 250
One-time fee for creating a form by us ILS 500 ILS 500 ILS 500
Number of free records per month 10,000 100,000 250,000
Cost per record beyond the quota ILS 0.30 ILS 0.22 ILS 0.17
Size of mailing list for sending email * 10,000 25,000 50,000
Monthly email volume (emails / month) * 20,000 50,000 100,000
Staff accounts 6 12 40

*These numbers are about sending invitations to visit forms you create via email.